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BLUElab at the University of Michigan is a student run organization that works to find sustainable solutions to development problems at home and abroad. We recognize that engineering students have a great deal to offer in the development of appropriate technology and we work to harness this expertise and apply it to real world problems.The team makes a difference by pursuing philanthropic design projects, sometimes including trips to Central America to implement prototypes.


Team Leaders:
Biogas: Anitha Menon (avmenon)
Guatemalan Solar: JC Barnes (jcbar), Tim Wurman (twurman)
Hagley Gap: Breanna Fairchild (brfairch)
NicarAGUA: Mario Arjona (mnarjona)
Woven Wind: 
Chhavi Chaudhry (chhavic)

Facilities: Nick Kalweit (nkalweit)
Faculty Advisor: Steven Skerlos (skerlos), Harvey Bell (ahbelliv), 
Team Email: bluelab-contact at

BLUElab Website