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Mars Rover

The Michigan Mars Rover team (MRover) is a student-run, multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to design, build, and test a rover for the exploration of extraterrestrial environments and to assist astronauts on a mission to Mars. MRover is a competition oriented team whose goal is to win the University Rover Challenge that takes place every year at NASA's Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah. Additionally  the team hosts educational outreach events for students of all ages, with our largest and most unique outreach event being the Mars Rover High School Design Challenge. MRover is a unique opportunity for University of Michigan students to learn more about multidisciplinary engineering and space exploration.


Leaders: President: Isabel Maria Bonachera Martin (bonacher), Vice President: Taylor T. Pratt (ttpratt)
Treasurer:  Melvin Alvin (malvin)
Facilities:  Anthony Vito (tonyvito)
Faculty Advisor: Lin Van Nieuwstadt (linevn)
Sponsoring Unit: College of Engineering 
Team Email: rover at

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