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Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives, or M-HEAL, was founded in the fall of 2006 by a group of Biomedical Engineering students who recognized that while extracurricular engineering project teams existed on campus, none were specified to BME. The initial goal of M-HEAL was to apply the knowledge of engineering students to work in global health, but its mission has grown to include a multidisciplinary effort to develop sustainable solutions. Undergraduate and graduate students from all engineering disciplines, business, design, biological, sciences, and the humanities accomplish this goal through volunteering at World Medical Relief to test and repair medical equipment, implementing a survey to evaluate unmet medical needs in hospitals in the developing world, and designing and building medical devices to meet these needs. M-HEAL members are also involved in social entrepreneurship, and plan to create socially responsible mechanisms of implementation.

M-HEAL teams using the Wilson Center include:

  • LifeLamp: A surgical lamp built from bicycle parts and powered by a cell phone battery. Leader: Elliot Hwang (elliotal)
  • Maternal Health: A portable exam table to bring care to women in rural communities. Leader: Suzanne Hardy (hardysuz)
  • Solar Fridge: A refrigerator to keep vaccines viable in hot climates. Leader: Steven Pecht (swpecht)

Team Leaders: Luca Capicchioni (lgcapi)
Facilities: Laura Schickling (lschickl)
Faculty Advisor: Aileen Huang-Saad (aileenhs)
Team Email: mheal-contact at

M-HEAL Website