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Sa Nima

Sa Nimá, formerly SEEDS, is an interdisciplinary group of students who are pursuing careers or long-term volunteer opportunities in development service. In addition to ongoing service efforts in Detroit, members from Sa Nimá have developed partnerships with rural communities in Latin America to investigate community-wide problems in the developing world and develop sustainable solutions.

Sa Nimá seeks to build a network of collaborators to ensure the effectiveness of its projects and promote the communities' ownership of development solutions. Through student-driven service, they  aim to develop cultural awareness, professional skills, and ethics.


Leaders: Ixchel Montenegro (ixmonten), Sophia Aliotta (saliotta)
Facilities: Lydia VanTimmeran (lydvant)
Faculty Advisor: Lorelle Meadows
Sponsoring Unit: College of Engineering, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Team Email: sanima-eboard at

Sa Nima Website