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The Supermileage team is designing the most efficient internal-combusion vehicle in North America. The car is a single-passenger concept vehicle that must be lightweight, aerodynamic, and have minimal rolling friction, as well as a unique engine design to achieve its 3,300 mile-per-gallon target. Major design areas include engine design and controls, aerodynamic and structural, packaging and integration, and internal chassis systems. Fuel economy is one of today's major industry concerns, and the Supermileage project provides an opportunity for creative and challenging application of cutting-edge concepts.

The team competed in the SAE Supermileage competition in June 2012, and in the future will travel to the Shell EcoMarathon Americas competition.


Team Leaders: Karan Jain (kajain)
Facilities: Sean Stalhandske (seanstal)
Faculty Advisor: Harvey Bell (ahbelliv)
Sponsoring Unit: College of Engineering
Team Email: umsmleads at

Supermileage Website