at the Robotics Makerspace

All Makerspace users are required to undergo training before using the facilities. Check training information carefully – different sessions require different prerequisites.

See information below:

Note: Many Robotics Makerspace training courses are common with the Wilson Student Team Project Center

Lathe, mill, CNC mill, Shopbot, and welding training are available from the Wilson Student Team Project Center at

Basic Workshop Safety Training I - Required for all Robotics Makerspace Users
Basic Workshop Safety Training II Online Modules
  • Required for Mcard access to 1180 and 1141 during staffed hours
  • Prerequisite: Basic I
  • This course introduces metalworking skills and tools required to complete a practicum project and to safely use the Robotics Makerspace shop independently.  The course includes a series of short video lessons and associated quizzes to guide completion of a manufacturing plan for the practicum project.  The manufacturing plan is not required for access to the Makerspace.
  • Launch Online Basic Workshop Safety Training in Canvas
Basic Workshop Safety Training II Practicum Project

Required for:

Universal CO2 Laser Cutter Training
Fablight Fiber Laser Cutter Training
  • Prerequisite: Basic I, Basic II, and graded Basic II practicum project
  • This course introduces the Fablight FL4500 Tube & Sheet fiber laser cutter and is conducted in person in the Robotics Makerspace.
  • Sign up for Fablight Fiber Laser Cutter Training
ProtoMAX Abrasive Waterjet Cutter Training


Calendar & Availability

See calendar below for training session availability